Opensource is the blood of the Internet nowdays

We rely on it.

Not just for this web server which runs as a nonPrivileged LXC container. Also for this website and since we have sponsored the integration of some functions for the general public to realize this website, we would also like to let you know what tools we use here and where you can download it yourself for free for your own purposes on GitHub.


The website was created on the free Grav CMS tool. Grav is unique and does not need a database. All you need is PHP 7.3, a couple of Apache modules. The Grav CMS are ex-Joomla developers around the web design specialist "Andy Miller" from You can download Grav CMS here: GRAV CMS Some knowledge of CSS, markup Language and PHP certainly don't hurt.

Templates we sponsored

The template we used and financed at was also published on GitHub in Vincent Rouleau's repos. We have sponsored the SnipCart integration with product configurator, the integration of the very nicely programmed JavaScript library from in such a way that it can be used easily and conveniently as short code in markup, in the backend theme for the products. Built from scratch to our Masters needs. Further GravTheme Landed, and used on our site here for qteams got some really nice additions and latest api integrations to snipcard, where we pushed also for multicurrency support.

Snipcart Integration & Product Configurator

We implemented the product addon integration with Karol Orzel. In addition to a direct collaboration with, the idea of Snipcart is to speed up the checkout for purchases on websites and to make it available to the seller MultiChannel.

Our Team feeds back to Opensource

Our team members where actively over the past 22 years in various opensource projects, still committing into some projects. Most prominent projects where and odoo (formely known as open-erp) but both became closed sourced. Webtrc stack from Google & Mozilla Foundations, which we also used on our commercial virtualpbx for which where the first telco offerings Voice over WebRTC in general, and in gerneral if we find some bugs or see some improvments, we comitt them or send a pull-request.


Is based on various open source libraries and contributors, we took a few, merged, re factored, refactored again and again and finally built.

MIT Licensed Opensource Libraries used: Originally extracted from: TypeScript ESLint Parser Copyright JS Foundation and other contributors,

Mozilla Stuff beside WebRCT

further JS Stuff: from Sir John Gruber: Markdown

Remains open source

qTeams also remains open source. Means you can review it. But not redistribute commercially.